Downloading photos

All photos in [] public website are open for anybody to view, therefore made generally non-downloadable to PC to prevent plagiarism.
They are only downloadable in limited number of OS.
(Safari for smart phones and android etc)

However, public photos are small in size and visibly watermarked as "Copyright" to prevent plagiarism(it is clearly seen in white background).

We have a special site for our models where you can download clearer photos(in larger size and without watermark), accessed through "Members only" link on the upper right of the website.
Though the link is named "Members only", all models can enter the site from here.
When you choose "Areas" and "Event name" you can jump to the screen to enter "ID" and "Password".
"ID" is common for each area but "password" is set event by event.

Please contact WADA for your "ID" and "Password".
You will be given "ID" and "password" for the event you took part in.

If you enter "ID" and "Password", you can see thumbnail photos from the event and larger photos can be displayed by clicking individual photo.
Then you can download the photo by right-clicking on it.